To provide an enjoyable lacrosse experience to all youth players, parents, and coaches in our community, focusing on skill development, competition, and most importantly - FUN!

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Worthington Girls’ Lacrosse Academy for Grades 3-6


With the increasing number of girls participating in Worthington Girls’ Lacrosse and the overall growth of the sport in central Ohio, many more opportunities are becoming available to youth players in our area.  Keeping with the core value of developing players by providing the right lacrosse at the right time, our goal is to help girls love the sport more and play the sport longer. 


Once again, for the 2019 season, Worthington will be forming an Academy Team at the 5th/6th grade level AND at the 3rd/4th grade level for girls interested in becoming more active and interested in developing their lacrosse skills.  The Academy teams will be participating in additional regular season games with other advanced teams in the area and in at least one more area tournament. 


In preseason discussions with other programs, as well as, with our local governing body and tournament organizers, Worthington was prepared to move forward with USLacrosse’s recommendations and support to use the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM) format of smaller sided play (8v8) for the rec season before other programs and tournaments in the area have had time and resources to adjust.  Consequently, area tournaments will continue to use the 12v12 format of play for the 5th/6th division this season.  For the 5th/6th grade division, the formation of an Academy team will allow Worthington girls the additional opportunity to participate in local tournaments that use the traditional 12v12 format.


Is the Academy Team a tryout team and is there an additional fee?

The 5th/6th grade team will be selected through a tryout using predetermined evaluation criteria and will be conducted by WYB’s Director of Coaching, Ally McCarthy-Minister, and several other girls’ lacrosse coaches.  Evaluation day is scheduled for Friday, April 26, from 6:00-7:30pm at a location tbd.


The 3rd/4th grade Academy Team will not have a tryout and girls are welcome to be a part of the team if they are able to meet the practice and game expectations.  The Academy coach will work with your daughter’s rec coach for recommendations of players who they think may be interested.  It is highly encouraged that girls have at least one year of lacrosse experience before being a part of the Academy Team.


The additional fee for the 5th/6th grade will be $75. This covers costs of 3 tournaments and ref costs.


The additional fee for the 3rd/4th grade will be $75. This covers costs of 2 tournament and ref costs.



Do I have to play on my regular season rec team to be eligible to play on an Academy team?

Yes, all Academy players must participate on their regular season rec team to participate on an Academy team.  A key point around the Academy program is to have the more experienced players raise the level of play of the less experienced players through their participation in the rec season.  Girls may pick up a stick in any grade and give the sport a try in a developmentally appropriate and fun environment through the rec program.  Leadership naturally evolves when the more experienced Academy players help the new players succeed.


How many players will be on each team?

The 5th/6th Academy Team will have approximately 18 players and play a 12v12 format.


The 3rd/4th Academy Team will have approximately 14 players and will be using the same 8v8 format they will have during the regular rec season.


When are practices and tournament dates?

5th/6th Academy

Practices:  Times and locations tbd                                 

Tournaments:  Times and locations tbd


3rd/4th Academy

Practices:  Times and locations tbd  

Games & Tournaments:  Times and locations tbd


What are the expectations of being on an Academy team?

The Academy teams are competitive teams.  There are some conditions that you and your daughter will need to consider prior to considering a position on the Academy team;

  • Mandatory attendance at the listed tournaments above 
  • Mandatory attendance to regular Friday practices 
  • Continued attendance at your regular rec practices and games
  • Willingness to give 100% effort for your team

We understand that this is an additional commitment for your daughter and your family.  It is meant to be a positive experience that exposes players to a higher level of lacrosse that demonstrates the hard work your daughter puts into her own development. 


Where do I go if I have more questions on whether my daughter is ready to play on an Academy team?

Your first stop is always to go to your daughter!  Is she interested in playing more lacrosse?  Some kids aren’t, and THAT’S OKAY!  A six-week Academy season will not make or break her as a lacrosse player.  Our goal is to keep girls in the sport, not drive them away.


If your daughter is interested, then your next step is to go to her coach and ask their opinion.  Finally, if you have logistical questions regarding the program, you can refer your questions to Rachael Estepp and Ally McCarthy-Minister at